Thursday, June 7, 2007

MoM Knows the Naughty Words

Preface - Okay, this is actually an old post from another blog that I created and then forgot about it. Typical. My writing is a lot like my thinking - random, messy and forgotten about the moment a new distraction comes along...oh, look a donut!

Blogging...what a great idea! Post your thoughts in cyberspace because that's a better place for them than your head. Personally I am always trying to get the voices to stop speaking to me all the time. Maybe if I write down what they are saying and send it out over the black hole of the internet, they will go away...haha.
I came across this website today... (don't you just love google?) The site is advertising a monitoring software but if you read it, you will have to laugh. First, the tag line is "Simply the Best Web Monitor for Tracking Your Kids or Employees Online". Anyone who equates their kids to their employees has more issues than anyone should know about. But my favorite part was the "MoM knows the naughty words", MoM comes packed with its own list of "default naughty words," as well as less-obvious words to track, such as "blood," "kill," "bludgeon" and so on. Okay "kill" I can believe, but what kid or adult for that matter uses the word "bludgeon"? And if your kid is using the word "bludgeon", maybe he/she has been reading too many gothic novels...step into the light my friend!
I'm not sure what I did for entertainment before the WWW, but I am in serious danger of developing chair butt from amusing myself online.
If the MoM software really wants to look for words that could be a problem on the internet, "teen" should be one of them. Type in "teen" in any search engine and you will be bombarded with porn websites...which makes me seriously wonder about the mental health of the average American. How did sexual freedom turn into sexual perversion? Is it just me or is the idea of having sex with another consenting adult that doesn't involve, whips, chains, candlewax, "toys", other people and/or devices, somehow become passe? Wow, you do it in missionary position, you are so 1959.... If I wanted gymnastics in bed I would have married Bart Connor (Paul Hamm for you younger folks). Personally, the idea of being injured while having sex seems like something you would avoid.
It's nice to think that a software program can protect your kids from "naughty" words but they still need a real Mom to help with that.