Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Be Contagious

The English language is complicated and fascinating.
I have always been in love with words. I love that you can change the meaning and tone in any sentence with the words you choose. Take for example the difference in these two sentences:
The noise from the other room grew louder and louder. OR
From the other room erupted a cacophony of sound.

They really mean the same thing but one gives you a literal meaning and one paints a picture of what is occurring (plus I just like to use the word cacophony whenever I can).

Words are magic. The great thing (or not so great depending on who you are talking to) about words is that the same word can have different connotations. One of my favorites is the word contagious. The usual immediate reaction to the word contagious is not so good. I mean contagious is defined as “communicable by contact", and usually refers to some kind of infectious disease. But the beauty of words is that contagious can mean to infect with something good.

So BE CONTAGIOUS - spread love, joy, happiness, a smile, a laugh, a hug, a kiss. Spread kindness and positive thoughts. Go ahead...pass it along...infect someone...BE CONTAGIOUS.